The bottom line is that we only have so much space in our lives.  I’m not even talking about time, which is an entire conversation in itself.  No, what I am talking about is what we would use our time on.  I’m talking on a macro level.Break your life into categories.  Maybe 3or 5 categories at most anything more than that starts to become micro or sub-categories.  If you can find a way to categorize your life into the top areas you care most about you can start to be more successful in those areas. Dedicate the percentage of time by order of importance and be sure to give each category its full percentage of your time on a weekly basis. I think it is unrealistic to do this on daily basis.  There will be days a person would not be able to spend the 20% on fitness but over the course of a week would get the 20% they need.  So if I had fitness as a category and gave it a 20% ranking I would look in my schedule and block of 20% of my time.  

You Might Have More Time Than You Think

You might find that certain things which are very import to you don’t require as much of a time percentage as you think.  The goal here is to give each category full attention during the time you are focusing on it.  By giving a percentage rather than a “level” of importance it is easier for us to translate this into the amount of time we need to dedicate to the respective area.  

Multi-Tasking Is A Myth

I can’t stress enough how important it is to focus only on the dedicated category and avoid the others during the specified time.  We all have this “multi-tasking” mindset but the truth is that there really is no such thing as multi-tasking, you are just interrupting a single task in brief increments for another task.  Don’t get me wrong, I get it, we can do a whole bunch of stuff at one time and technology helps us with that more than ever.  I also understand that we can’t really control other peoples need for our attention or even their expectation that they will get it the moment they ask for it.  But listen, we are all doing a million things at about 40% quality instead of 100 things at 100% quality.  I suggest not allowing others to dictate and steal our time.  Stick to your guns and don’t rob your categories of their time.


Thanks For Reading!  I look forward to your comments and input.