We all understand that there are certain fundamental pillars of building a business.  You of course need to sell product and in order to sell a product you should probably market your product. Marketing a product is required in order to create sales opportunities The question is what are you marketing if there not an identity to your company or product?  Without it you will never be able to adjust your marketing budget and grow your company in other areas.  Think about it… Once people recognize and remember your brand they can develop brand loyalty and allow you to gain repeat business, thus making your marketing budget go much further.  Without brand loyalty you are paying to acquire the same customers over and over.

A Logo is important but it is not your brand!  The logo is simply a symbolic part of your brand.  Think of a brand like a person, think of your logo like the face of that person.  So now that you know what the face looks like you can identify it.  What do you know about that person apart from one symbolic feature which is the face.  Do you know how that person dresses, what they smell like, do you know what there voice sounds like or how they make other people feel when their around?  No, of course not, you just know what there face looks like.   You don’t know if this person wears cut-off flannels and flip flops or yoga pants and a sports bra.  The truth is you wouldn’t know if this brand smells like fresh butterscotch or old takeout food.  My point is a brand is not just a logo or a face in this example.  A brand is everything synonymous with that logo.  What it represents meaning how it goes about its business and what it promises.  Your brand tells people what they can expect when they buy into it.

In the world today we are so lucky to have the tools that we do.  It has never been so easy to get your brand out there and recognized at such a minimal cost.  It used to be that if you want people to see you, they needed to buy a newspaper, purchase a product with your packaging or even come to your place of business for that matter.  Your branding efforts can now be recognized in just a few clicks and out in front of the world to see.

Keep these things in mind when you are developing your brand.

  1. Consistency –  A good brand is consistent. Use the same type fonts and exact colors in anything you publish.  Send the same message over and over.
  2. Original Content –  To the best of your ability use your own original images and text when promoting your brand.
  3. Imagery –  People are visual find a way to get images of your brand out to the world.  Maybe get a coffee mug with you logo on it and take a picture of the mug in a unique setting.
  4. Care For It –  Care for your brand like it is your child because at the end of the day you will be judged on its reputation.
  5. Association –  Always make sure that your brand is only associated with positive situations.