Fake It Until You Make It | Does That Really Work?

I get it… Trust me I get it more than you know.  You have to find a way and sometimes the way is to fake it.  Here are a few things you need to understand about misrepresentation.  First of all you need to know your shit.   The only reason you should be faking anything is to position yourself better in a space that you know you have a lot to offer.  Let’s face it, life is hard and getting an opportunity may seem impossible. People often try to posture and represent themselves in a less than accurate light as to get a chance.

The Problem With Faking It

The problem is you should only be doing that because you know if you had the right platform you could really impress people with your skills. The operative word of that sentence being skills.  What I see people doing is faking it to get there but then not having anything of real value to offer.  This creates the problem because you are soon to be found out when you cant deliver the goods.  Just because nobody is calling you out on your bullshit doesn’t mean that nobody sees it.  People are busy and don’t really give a rip what your up to as long as it isn’t messing them up.  Sure, there are plenty of suckers out there who will bite but eventually you will learn that you are never really getting ahead.  Success happens when the people are coming to you.  Trust me when I say nobody is going to refer you if you don’t bring them real value. 

Your Wasting Valuable Time

I suggest you read and watch videos made by people really have the skill you want to learn.  When you spend time watching a person who really is an expert you will quickly understand that it didn’t happen over night.  If you spend your time trying to convince people that you are an expert you are wasting time that you could have spent becoming an expert.  Develop real skills through experience and mentorship rather than spinning your wheels trying to be a big shot.

Take Personal Inventory

Take time to understand your strengths and weaknesses.  Being self aware might be one of the single most beneficial characteristics you can have.  If you know who you are and can pattern your own behaviors you can focus on your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. 

BOTTOM LINE: You say you know your shit, then know your shit.    

No Substitute For Experience And Knowledge

This garbage about “fake it until you make” will leave you short.  You need experience and you need to open your ears.  Everybody wants to be the man but nobody wants the scares that come with becoming the man.  The deep cuts you get while trying to figure things out are what will allow you to look around the corner when that situation arises again.  There is no substitute for experience.  Yes, we all want to get to the top but you can’t get there in one step.  You need to take the journey and speaking from experience it’s a bumpy ass journey.  The truth is that the journey is really the best part.  Many successful people become board once they reach  their objectives.  Believe it or not some of need that struggle in order to feel challenged.  Entrepreneurs are like that fighter in the movie who just wont stay down even when everybody knows he cant win.  The thing is that everybody knows but him.  Maybe what he is really thinking is that if he keeps going a little further he will definitely know how much he can take and what not to do next time.  On the other hand maybe he is just stupid and likes to get beat up.  I think the later might be accurate for a lot of us entrepreneurs. 

Learn To Lose Before You Learn To Win

Failing is a step in the process of winning.  The fundamental problem with faking it is that you are working of the mindset that your first “guess” will be the right one. Once in a while it is but most likely its not and you will spin  your wheels trying to figure it out.  My suggestion is to “do the ride along” thing.  Find the smartest person in your space that has room for your help and learn.  Doesn’t mean that you can’t be plotting and scheming behind the scenes for your big move.  Pay attention to what it is that makes somebody else successful, I think you will find that you learn more from his/her failures than successes.

Dig In Before You Sell Out

One of the things that drives me crazy is successful people giving the advice of “Fake it until you make it” as a blanket statement.  Don’t get me wrong, I think there can be a lot of value in that line of thinking at times.  The problem is people use it as a way of life or even worse a young entrepreneur will adopt it as his/her bible.  My point is that yes there are times when this is a good idea but to think you can just fake your way through life is just crap.  Dig deeper into the true meaning of concept before deploying it as your personal mantra.  

Instead of trying to look smarter than you really are…

read, and read a lot. Read books on the skill you want to learn, read articles, watch TED videos, observe people who are great at that skill, find mentors who will help you improve in that area. Don’t be a fake; invest the time and energy to become a true expert in that topic.