Sometimes life has a way of showing us that the relationships we make in our youth can hold great value later in life. This is what I learned as I reconnected with an old college roommate and his beautiful wife. Matt Johannsen and I first reconnected 2 years ago while I was on business in Denver, CO. It was a Facebook friend suggestion that I had not expected which lead to our reuniting. Often times we don’t get a chance to cross paths with our past in such an unexpected and positive way.

Meeting up with Matt & Kelly I learned all about their life now as Entrepreneurs and I was even able to get an after hours look at their ultra trendy new establishment Upstairs Circus in the LODO area of Denver. At no shock to me it was next to perfect just as I would expect from the guy who basically planned his wardrobe for the week ahead of time while we were in college. Matt also known as “Josie” explained the concept to me and I was in awe. As I looked around I noticed there was a “Drill Press” right in the middle of the establishement. I knew at that moment this was not your ordinary “LODO” night club. There were hammers and paint and everything to build your own crafts while enjoying the company of good friends and premium “old thimey” cocktails all in a laid back posh setting.

A New Upstairs Circus In Minneapolis | Entrepreneurs

Matt & Kelly have taken there concept to the next level. After opening their 2nd successful location Upstairs Circus DTC Denver they have now gone national with their 3rd location in the North Loop Area of Minneapolis. This premium location has lots of parking and is in the heart of excellent dining and entertainment. The Upstairs Circus certainly fits into the thriving art community of Minneapolis.

My wife and I were able to get a night away from he kids and see first hand what the Upstairs Circus experience was all about. We attended a private opening in the new Upstairs Circus Minneapolis location.  I will first say I had a bit of a different expectation in mind but was pleasantly surprised. We were first greeted and then seated at a cafeteria style table (but with real chairs not like those crummy smushed together ones we had to sit at in high school). This created a very cool “get to know your neighbor” environment. We could choose to do a craft or for you less craft minded individuals just sip on a beverage while coloring in an adult coloring book.  I recommend coloring a “zombie unicorn” or ” Snoop Dogg”.  The craft I chose was to make a leather wrapped flask (which I rock’d) and my wife chose a string art project (she is just good at stuff so hers was better). There are endless crafts available and they basically just set you up with a kit that has templates which can be customized for you. You go do a little shopping in their supply closet and get to work. All of this while sipping from some rather inspiring cocktails.

Best Craft Room In Minneapolis | Upstairs Circus

The staff was excellent and very helpful with the crafts.  Most craft projects take about 1.5-2 hours and are pretty simple because of the template system.  Enjoy excellent environment with a group or just a couple.

Cost:  Crafts $36 (worth every penny)
Drink: $6-$10 (some wine $12/glass)

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